Lunes, Oktubre 1, 2012

Crusaders of the Divine Church of Christ

         The Crusaders of the Divine Church of Christ, Philippines Incorporated has its beginning right here in the Philippines. In the province of Pangasinan lies the coastal town of San Fabian, nestled along the waters of the Lingayen Gulf. There, the sleepy barangay of Nibaliw West(renamed Nibaliw Magliba in 1996) is home to the CDCCPI. The congregation was first organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Manila, Philippines by Mons. Dr. Rufino S. Magliba, the founder and Supreme Pontiff on September 27,1995 and was issued the Registration Number 010285.

            Mon. Dr. Rufino S Magliba(or more affectionately, Apo Rufing) is full of mystery to believers and non-believers alike. To the faithful, He is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the end times. They believe that He is the Second Comforter, the Living God save those who fulfil His Father’s Will and who obey His commandments and teachings. Evidence and testimony of His countless mysteries and wonders are found both here in the Philippines and abroad. Ever since He stated His ministry, people approach him wherever he goes for the redress of their agonies. Even people afflicted by incurable disease are healed, the lame can walk, the deaf can hear. With His naked eyes He can see whatever sickness or illnesses a person has. He can determine one’ ailment even if He is continents away, simply by divining over a patient’s name, address and age written on a clean sheet of paper. Thousands of people have been blessed to experience His wonderful and mysterious omnipotence. Millions of faithful are the living witnesses to the wondrous works of the Living God and Savior.

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  1. Kapatid ako ay lubos na nagpapasalamat sa ating Ama RSM ang Dios nating naniniwala sa kanya, at aking natunghayan ang iyong blog. Sana ay marami pang katulad mo na may kakayahan sa blogging ang makakagawa ng kahalintulad nito upang lalo nating maipalaganap ang balita tungkol sa ating Ama.

    Napansin ko po ang registration is 1995 at maaring typo lang, which is supposed to be 1955 and "Ever since He stated His ministry" stated might be started. Thanks. I will be following your blog because it is an inspiration.